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Become competent learners

Become Competent Learners 

  • Perform to international standards in the core subjects
  • Solve problems and complete tasks using multi-disciplinary and higher order thinking skill
  • Integrate knowledge and experiences from different subject areas and apply them in real-life situations
  • Express ideas clearly and effectively in oral and written communication
  • Apply information technology literacy skills


  • Engage in projects and activities using basic knowledge and skills in business management, entrepreneurship, investment and personal finance management
  • Use functional communication skills in at least one foreign language, aside from English and the mother tongue
  • Demonstrate understanding of responsibility for environmental, local and global issues
  • Use variety of lifelong learning strategies and practical skills for life and survival
  • Use research skills to broaden one's knowledge and validate one's ideas

Character and values - driven persons

  • Demonstrate respect for oneself and others
  • Demonstrate responsibility and discipline
  • Build positive relationship
  • Manifest integrity, self-control and thruthfulness

Committed Achievers

  • Set specific, realistic and challenging goals
  • Accomplish tasks and goals with discipline, determination and sense of urgency
  • Produce quality output
  • Strive for excellence and continuous improvement

Collaborative team leaders/members

  • Demonstrate respect for differences in acceptance of cultures, ideas, opinions, and beliefs
  • Show cooperation and teamwork
  • Handle and resolve conflicts effectively 
  • Actively participate in community service
  • Promote international understanding and global peace
  • Actively participate in decision-making processes

Creative Thinkers

  • Apply varied problem-solving processes to real life situations
  • Employ innovative strategies and explore new challenges
  • Challenge the process to become more effective

What to See and Do?

Chemistry Laboratory

Equipped with a complete set of Laboratory equipment and materials, SSIS Chemistry Lab is designed to facilitate the learning of students in mixing chemical solutions, performing laboratory techniques, and in conducting laboratory experiments that will help them apply all the concepts they are learning inside the classroom. 


This FIBA and FIVB compliant Gymnasium houses the Basketball and Volleyball courts.  Sports fest, Olympiads, Varsity Trainings and other school wide events and activities are being held here.