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on 18 July 2014
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After a few months of dormancy, U.S.S.R. returns!
Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading (U.S.S.R.) will invade SSIS on July 14, 2014, so the students, teachers, staff, and personnel are instructed to prepare their books for a thirty-minute leisure reading.

In U.S.S.R., students are given to read the books they prefer. There are no interruptions, assignment, or follow-up activities related to the material they read. The idea is to foster a love for reading by making it an enjoyable experience. U.S.S.R. supports the Assessment and Enrichment Program of the school, also known as the library period.

Studies indicate that students who engage in U.S.S.R. improve both reading achievement and attitude toward reading. The benefits of U.S.S.R. seem to extend beyond the years of formal schooling. Tunnel and Jacobs (1989) found that adults who had been involved in a free reading program as students read more than other adults did.

When you hear an ice cream bell, get ready with a good book, drop everything, and enjoy reading. All members of the SSIS family are expected to bring their own reading materials.

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