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Wrtitten by Don
on 31 May 2016
Created: 31 May 2016
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SSIS continues to achieve milestones in terms of reading. The SRI Post Test showed a remarkable improvement in the students’ reading abilities.  The students’ performance in the Scholastic Reading Counts (SRC) Quiz was also unparalleled compared to previous years.  Following are the notable observations: 

1. The students read and passed the SRC quizzes of 20,487 books.  Compared to last year’s 9,099 books the percentage increase is an overwhelming 125%.

2. There were 15 out of 21 classes who met target in terms of number of books read which is 50 books per child per year.

3. The actual number of books read is 20,487, which is 11.95% more than the target of 18,300 books.

4. Comparing the results of SRI Pre-Test to Post-Test; the percentage of students in the Advanced and Proficient increased from 47% to 61%.  Meanwhile, those who are in the Below Basicwas reduced from 17% to 8%.  This means that after a period of six months (September 2015-February 2016) those who are reading at Below Basic already levelled up to Basic, while some students who are Basic readers moved to Advanced and Proficient

 5. Comparing the results of 2015 Post-Test to 2016 Post-Test, the number of Advanced and Proficient rose from 57% to 61% while those who are reading at Below Basic dipped from 9% to 8%. 

 6. The Post Test Results also show that 80 students from First to Tenth Grade are advanced readers; 143 of them are proficient; 15 are reading at the basic level, while only a minimal number of 29 students are reading at Below Basic.

Going beyond statistics, it is an achievement for both the school and the students to be able to develop a love for reading.   This was done through the partnership with Scholastic reading experts, the fifty-minute to one-hour allocation for a library period, Uninterrupted Sustained Silent Reading (U.S.S.R.) and the Reading Marathon, coupled with words of encouragement from the teachers.  In due time, the schools thrust of becoming a Center of Excellence in Reading will materialize.



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