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Valiant Writer Wins Eye Level Literary Award

Wrtitten by Don
on 14 September 2016
Created: 14 September 2016
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Maria Aitana Kassandra De Chavez, or simply Aitana made a name for herself and for SSIS in the literary world.


Aitana is the national winner in the 2016 Eye Level Literary Award. With her winning piece that was submitted last summer, she will represent the Philippines in the global competition. She also holds the chance to be one of the three grand prize winners who will travel to Korea to experience the beauty and culture of “The Land of the Morning Calm”.

Eye Level Learning Center is a global network of schools specializing in Math and English. The institution initiated the literature award to discover new breeds of writers and unleash the literary talents of children around the world. There were two categories – the illustrated writing for children ages 3-9 and writing for children ages 10-15. Aitana won in the second category.

Though Aitana is quite popular in school as a singer, her other activities include writing for In Touch and tackling current issues through the MUNA (Model United Nations Assembly).

Aitana said that winning this competition is something she did not expect. “My goal in mind is not to win but to let people know the true and deeper meaning of family.”

She values most the learning experience that she got from joining.“To be a part of the competition is a thrilling experience”, she concluded. That a Valiant Knight brings this kind of prestige to the school is but a solid proof that SSIS has honed the students to reach their maximum potential in every aspect of learning.

Kudos as well to Sir Jerome Arellano and Sir Mark Austria for the training and inputs. Valiant Writer Wins Eye Level Literary Award Either write something worth

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