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Wrtitten by Anthony Paul Calado
Created: 18 November 2019
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Congratulations to Young Valiant Knights SOFIA URI YSABELLE GERONIMO and PAUL VINCENT LEANDREI NAVARRO for winning honors in the Asian Science & Math Olympiad. Thank you for making the Stonyhurst Batangas family proud once again. Keep the fire of excellence burning in you Suy and Leandrei! Quant Je Puis! 


Wrtitten by Anthony Paul Calado
Created: 17 November 2019
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Young Valiant Knight Paul Vincent Leandrei L. Navarro gets inducted into the INTERNATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY. Congratulations Leandrei for being one of only 700 students worldwide to be inducted into this prestigious honor society.

The International Junior Honor Society (IJHS) is Asia’s premier league established to recognize outstanding primary to junior college students who have won Gold awards in Mathematics, Science, Computational Thinking, Informatics, Memory and Creative Learning Skills.

Students are exclusively invited by the International Scholastic Trust (IST) to join this society to pursue excellence and we provide a suite of services to help them succeed. Once inducted, IJHS supported by IST and SIMCC will enhance their abilities in leadership, creativity, and character building through our Young Achievers Leadership Academy (YALA) and community service activities.

Students must have received at least 2 Gold medals within previous year in our competitions (SASMO, VANDA, AJMC, SIMOC, IJMO etc.) to receive an invite. Students who have received 1 Gold medal and at least a Silver medal in an International Competition (IJMO or SIMOC) will also be inducted into IJHS.

Thank you for making us all proud with this achievement of yours. Keep it up!



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Created: 21 October 2019
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Who will be this year's Champions? MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN! Let the 2019 Valiant Knights Intramural Games begin! In everything that we do, let us do our best Valiant Knights! Quant Je Puis!