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on 15 July 2014
Created: 17 February 2016
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Ways to raise globally conscious kids

How can we teach our kids to realize that there’s more to fulfillment than the next video game, cell phone, or fast food drive through? How do we teach our kids that what’s going to fill them up is Giving, and not Getting? Here are some of the ways:

1) Identify a cause

There is something so beautiful and pure about a child’s innate passion and energy. Don’t be afraid to leverage this! Ask yourself: “What do I feel passionately about? What are my child’s or the kids around me naturally interested in?” Expose your kids to a cause you feel strongly about, even if it’s by sharing information with them, showing them an article in the paper about poverty or a great story of triumph over tragedy.

2) Interpret why it matters

Help your child to interpret why becoming conscious of others is important to them. Develop their natural instinct to be compassionate beings. Why should they care that children they will never meet are dying of a disease that will never affect them? Why should they care if the polar ice cap is melting?
Introduce the concept of “one-ness” – we are all in this together. We are the family of man. The kids on the other side of the world are just like them; the earth is our home. We can all be part of a collective community and caring for each other with compassion has no concern for borders, skin types or belief systems. We must be the change we wish to see in the world and this is a grand opportunity to encourage our children to think in this manner of global awareness and empowerment.

3) Get them Involved

One of the best ways to really engage kids is to “involve” them in a project. When you involve them in the process, it becomes their own and they LOVE this! And kids are so capable and creative, their ideas are guaranteed to amaze and surprise you. Time, money, interest, involvement, volunteering – these are all ways to “invest” in a cause we feel passionately about. After spending a day distributing meals to the homeless, it’s far less likely that you’ll be getting the plea to buy your kids anything new on the way home! Retrieved from

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