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on 17 February 2016
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The Characteristics Of A Good School

Terry Heick, an education expert and a regular writer for http:// identified the characteristics of a good school, which are parallel to the distinctive features of Stonyhurst.

1. A good school sees itself.

SSIS envisions itself a leading provider of international quality education in accordance with international and DepEd standards. To see itself better in the eyes of another, SSIS enlists the expertise of a third party, the Certification International (CI) to look into its systems and procedures. CI then awarded the school with ISO certification as a proof that the school has reached the highest standards required of an educational institution.

2. A good school has diverse and compelling measures of success–measures that families and communities understand and value.

Aside from the ISO certification that measures compliance, the school boasts of the WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accreditation. This ensures that the school’s curriculum, instructions, facilities, and support system adheres to the given benchmarks. WASC involves not only the school administrators, faculty, and staff, but moreso – the students and the parents in their focus groups. This ensures that the constituents understand the role and significance of these success-measures.

3. A good school is full of students that don’t just understand “much,” but rather know what’s worth understanding.

SSIS sees to it that all its students are equipped with the necessary skills and learning that has to take place within, or above their grade levels. The Understanding By Design (UBD) approach to teaching necessitates that the students possess the enduring understanding – or what is worth knowing, rather than what is good to know.

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