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Student life at Stonyhurst Southville International School - Malarayat Campus is filled with meaningful activities both inside and outside the classroom.  Students are given opportunities for discovery, learning, and creating.  In the process, they get to know themselves better and begin to truly collaborate with their peers.  Collaboration in SSIS is strengthened by its own culture – a culture of respect, discipline, hard work and excellence.


SSIS Malarayat is known as the KINGS.  The KINGS’ moniker is based on the school’s official logo bearing the Torch, which symbolizes the school’s steadfast commitment to achieve in the midst of challenges; the Book, which represents the continual striving for excellence through rigorous curriculum, instruction and assessment thus motivating, inspiring and enabling the Students to become productive citizens of the country and the world.  It also bears 4 Stars, which represent the aspirations and hope that emanates from the significant members of the educational team – the STUDENTS, PARENTS, FACULTY & STAFF, and MANAGEMENT; the Heart, which symbolizes the thrust of the school to deliver excellent services and to develop students with hearts of service, and the 2 Laurels, which emphasizes the school’s core purpose of consistently delivering excellent programs and services to produce achievers and leaders of society.

The KINGS MONIKER is highlighted with a crown to exhibit excellence.  It bears 5 gems which represent the 5Cs – Competence, Character, Commitment to Achieve, Collaboration, and Creativity; and 5 points which speak of the KINGS’ RULES. Underneath is the banner that reads Quant Je Puis, meaning AS MUCH AS I CAN.



No Hesitation

The “No Hesitation” culture rooted from the desire to push the students to step up, volunteer, assert and express themselves freely.  No Hesitation has been a mantra (and sometimes, a dare) to students and teachers alike, when it seems like there is some doubt or inhibition to share talents or be excellent.


SSIS Malarayat believes in being pro-active instead of reactive.  It allows students to express their opinions, but encourages them to step into other perspectives, to turn the negatives into the positives, and to make problems solutions.    In SSIS, we teach children the attitude of gratitude.

Act of Courtesy

Act of Courtesy is the KINGS’ sign of respect to one another particularly of students to Faculty and Staff.  This shows recognition and appreciation that we accept each other and that we belong to one family.


NBA or No Bullies Allowed is the program of SSIS Malarayat against bullying.  Written policies make it clear that this is not tolerated in school.  The school strengthens this with a culture of good manners, kindness and respect expected from each and every student.


OMG in SSIS Malarayat means “Oh My Garbage!”  This is a catch phrase for the   tradition of the 5S which simply means, ‘let’s clean up’. 

5S is the name of a workplace organization method that uses a list of five Japanese words:  seiri (sort), seiton (systematic arrangement), seiso (shine), seiketsu (standardize), and shitsuke (sustain).  OMG is the new version of 5S.  The exclamation stresses the urgency of maintaining surroundings clean and orderly.