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SSIS joins International Coastal Clean-Up!

on 04 October 2016
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Stonyhurst Southville International School-Malarayat took part in the International Coastal Clean-Up last September 24, 2016, in cooperation with the Science Department. Our High School students participated in the said activity to encourage everyone to be mindful of what we do to our nature and to raise awareness to do something about the pollution that has already caused so much environmental problems. 

Coastal Clean-Up Day encourages us to get out to the bodies of water near to us and help limit the problems by cleaning up the garbage that has washed up on shore or those that have been left by people. Tons of garbage winds up in the waters, with 60% of that being composed of plastic material which can last a very long time in the ocean, and are very hazardous to marine life. The debris threatens human health, wildlife, communities, and economies around the world and though it may seem hard to completely solve the problem right away, we can start now and make a difference. This water pollution impacts the world on many levels, including humans and the livelihood of those who work on the ocean or other bodies of water. It causes economic damage by affecting tourism and recreation and the money they bring into those communities.

During the Coastal Clean-Up of the SSIS students, they knew well what they’re doing it for and they knew they can help nature by cleaning and empowering other people to take an active role in the preservation and cleaning up of the water and the shores. By spreading tips and techniques to help reduce trash, they guided one another on what to do and how to do it effectively. Surely, this activity is one to remember. Coastal Cleanup Day is the chance to really make a difference and the Kings showed that they’ve got what it takes to be more amazing!

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