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on 04 October 2016
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Stonyhurst Southville International School points its goals to developing children not only in academics but most importantly in values excellence. One of the most difficult aspects of being in school is learning how to motivate your students. It is also one of the most important. While motivating students can be a hard task, the rewards are more than worth it. The students are more excited to learn and participate. This is why the Good Citizens of the Award is bound to be given to worthy students in order to encourage others to do well in school and to make them reach their full potential.

The Good Citizens of the Campus award is one of the criteria in determining our Values Excellence Awardees. Some guidelines that shall observed in determining the Good Citizens of the Campus awardees are: (1) Advisers will make a short list of possible candidates for the Good Citizens of the Campus by checking who among the students in the class MET ALL the KRI Targets of at least 96% for the specified term of Attendance, Punctuality, Reply Slip, 5S, Speak English Drive, and Uniform. (2) Advisers will double check if the short listed students did NOT receive any written warning and NO documented/reported minor violation as reflected in the Anecdotal Notebook/ Student Behavior Monitoring folder for the specified term. (3) All shortlisted students should NOT be involved in a major case for the specified term. (4) Shortlisted students who qualified in ALL criteria mentioned in nos. 1-3 will be included in the deliberation of subject teachers (To refer ESLRs, Section B (Character and Values Driven Persons) and all entries should be at least S.

The Awardees of Good Citizens of the Campus will be given a certificate and will be given per term. The award is one of the criteria in the selection of the Values Excellence awardees at the end of the academic year. Students need to get three Good Citizens of the Campus certificates in order to qualify in the shortlist of Values Excellence awardees.

With the help of the Good Citizens of the Campus award, the students will be more self-motivated and will possibly increase their natural love for learning and doing good. This is what SSIS is aiming for: to make our Kings feel appreciated and make them feel like they can do everything if they put their hearts into it. Quant Je Puis!


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